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Romey is a free personal finance tracking application that is mainly suited for my needs. It might not be your cup of tea but give it a try, it just might help you keep on top of your income & expenses.


So what can Romey do?

How to install Romey

System Requirements

The only external dependency for Romey is a Ruby interpreter and a browser to access Romey.

Installation Steps

Note you can change Romey's database server by editing database.yml.

Useful tools

Getting Started

So I'd like to try it out Romey but I don't know what to do

Disclaimer: I'll describe how I use Romey, it is by no means how you should be using it. Feel free to invent different ways of using it.


Step 1: Create an accounts

Hit the new accounts page

Known Issues

None :p


If you ever have any feedback about Romey

Feel free to drop me a line at romey [at] shenie [dot] info.